Speech Pathology


1 to 1 therapy plans

Our Speech Pathology service is here to enhance our clients’ quality of life by providing treatment, support and care for those who present with difficulties with communication and/or eating and drinking.

We will assess and treat speech, language and communication problems in people of all ages to help them to communicate better. This may involve assessing the person’s ability to understand spoken or written language, or how that person is able to express themselves. Our input may involve adjusting the person’s environment, providing strategies and advice to them and the people around them, or creating a personalised 1:1 therapy plan.

We also assess swallowing and provide recommendations to ensure that a person is safe when eating and drinking. Again, this may involve adjusting the client’s environment, providing strategies or determining the most appropriate food and liquid consistency to manage risks.

We are currently recruiting for our vacant Speech Pathologist position. Interested applicants may contact us for more information on this role.