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We appreciate the contributions of our management team.

Nicholas Packham

CEO Vivability Ltd.

B.Rec (CSU),  GradCertPubSecMgmt (Flinders University)

Nick joined Vivability Ltd as CEO in July 2016 and has a wealth of work experience 35 years in the disability sector. Prior to joining Vivability Nick worked with the NSW Department of Ageing, Disability and Homecare for 29 years in a variety of roles, including managing specialist disability services which included therapy, complex case management, psychology and complex behavioural services, across the Central West of NSW.

Nick has been instrumental in Vivability’s successful transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and has positioned the organisation as a leading service provider in the Central West. Nick has guided the expansion of our range of services to meet growing community needs, our ongoing investment in recruitment and staff development, and our continued pursuit of excellence, as keys to success.

Nick is passionate about skills development within the disability sector as a pathway to ensuring providers meet the demand for the range and quality of services from people with disabilities.

Christine Healey

Senior Manager.

Christine Healey joined Vivability in July 2018 as Manager of Support Coordination. Before joining Vivability, Christine worked in Case Management at Ageing Disability and Home Care (ADHC). Christine leads a team of experienced Support Coordinators ensuring people receive funding through the NDIA to best meet their needs and achieve positive outcomes.

In 2019 Christine commenced the role of Senior Manager supporting the managers within the streams of Clinical Services and Support Coordination. Christine enjoys working with professional like-minded people and the day to day interaction with the clients of her service.

Blake Aubin

Human Resources Manager.


Blake Aubin began his career at Vivability in May 2013, starting as a Support Worker and progressing through the ranks to Recreation Manager, then Human Resources Manager in 2020. Blake believes he is best placed to assist staff and provide them with the tools they need to do their jobs. He has over a decade of experience in the disability sector. Blake enjoys working at Vivability as a leading provider of disability services in the Central West.

Blake enjoys his role as a Human Resources Manager and sees it as both challenging and rewarding. Blake enjoys seeing employees progress in their careers and gain confidence in their abilities. Blake is dedicated to high-quality recruitment and is committed to finding compassionate and ethical candidates to provide services to our clients.

Kevin Walker

Clinical Services Manager & Physiotherapist.

BPhysio, APAM

Kevin joined the team at Vivability in 2016. Prior to Vivability, Kevin spent 3 years working as a physiotherapist for Ageing Disability and Home Care (ADHC). Throughout his roles with ADHC and Vivability, Kevin worked with clients requiring a wide range of different physiotherapy interventions. This has included working with children and adults ranging from 6 months to 65 years of age. Kevin is experienced in delivering quality hydrotherapy and modified exercise programs based on an individual’s needs.

Kevin enjoys working as part of the clinical team and team of managers committed to improving the lives of his clients. Kevin finds being able to support people to be as independent as possible in a range of daily activities extremely rewarding.

Sean Osborn

Quality Assurance Manager.


Sean began working at Vivability as a support worker in October 2013. He then spent two and a half years as a House Manager before being promoted to Quality Assurance Manager. Sean's background in education, combined with his experience in disability services and his attention to detail, has equipped him with the skillset necessary to manage the quality of service provision across Vivability's business streams. Sean takes a pragmatic approach to service administration and delivery.

Sean enjoys working with a dedicated team of individuals who are committed to providing excellent care to the people in our service. Sean's role as Quality Assurance Manager enables him to assist managers and staff in providing the best possible service while adhering to NDIS practice standards. Sean enjoys being able to maintain contact with the people he has supported in his previous roles.


Matthew Ferry

Respite & Drop-in Support Services Manager.


Matt Ferry commenced at Vivability in 2004 supporting people with disabilities in both children's and adult services. He has managed Respite and Drop-in Services for the last 10 years. Matt has extensive experience working with clients and their families during times of crisis and emergency.

Matt enjoys Vivability's innovative and client-focused approach to supporting people with disabilities.. Matt appreciates the team approach within the management group and is dedicated to providing his clients with flexible, professional and high-quality services.


Monique O'Rourke

Vivalife Manager 

Monique joined Vivability in July 2020. She comes from a business background and specialises in financial and logistical operations. Monique thrives under pressure and possesses exceptional problem-solving abilities gained from her experience navigating an agriculture business through one of Australia's worst droughts.

Monique enjoys working for Vivability because she believes the company fosters a positive work environment and encourages a strong sense of community. Monique is motivated by the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of others by assisting clients in achieving their goals and providing a positive work environment for her staff.



Anthony Hayes

Dip Teach (Primary) BEd (Adaptive Education) MEd (Educational Psychology, Leadership and Wellbeing)

Behaviour Support Practitioner and Wellbeing Coach.

Anthony has 30 years experience as an educator in diverse educational settings, ranging from schools with 10 children to 600 children. Anthony has a passion for life long learning and social justice. He has learnt through his diverse experiences that wellbeing is the basis for learning and living a full and meaningful life.

Anthony has found Vivability to be a highly professional, authentic and caring organisation. He hopes to build upon the strong foundation to empowering Vivability employees and participants to live their best lives.

April See

Bachelor of Fine Arts - University of Newcastle, Diploma of Management - Australia Institute of Management, Education and Training  & Advanced Diploma of Business Management and Leadership - Swinburne University

Social Enterprises Manager

April joined Viva in June 2022 as Manager of Social Enterprises, transitioning from over 11 years in Senior Leadership roles for Bunnings; working with large teams across multiple sites with demonstrated experience in project management, business acumen, sales and business development; with a strong customer-centric, people focused approach.

April is very passionate about Viva's progressive strategy to providing meaningful and developmental employment opportunities for our employees, aligning with her personal values of community and philanthropy. These opportunities provide a genuine platform for humanitarian and social impacts, by both serving and supporting our community.

April is exceptionally grateful for the opportunity to work across a number of growing Social Enterprises; with such spirited, diverse and engaged teams.

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