Support Matters – 16th September 2021 – Via Zoom

Find out about our group, Support Matters, that provides a time and place for siblings and carers of people with a disability.
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Support Matters – Our support group for Siblings or Carers is on Zoom this Thursday 16th of September at 6pm.
Please join us in this space for connection, sharing of wisdom/strategies/learning and no judgement.

With Gratitude
Jami, Troy, Kayla and Anthony

Support Matters

What is it?

The group ‘Support Matters’ is a group created by siblings and carers of people with disabilities to support other siblings and carers.
Come and have a chat.
Our first meeting will be held via Zoom – we will be discussing what you as group members want our group to look like and some of the activities you would like to be a part of. We wish to encourage ownership of the group so that it fulfils your needs as a sibling or a carer. Depending on demand we may expand to two groups – siblings and carers.

1.        Our meetings will be a safe space – your experiences, stories and confidentiality will be respected.
2.        Advice will only be given when it is asked for.
3.        “I “messages will be used to share experiences and opinions – this supports the knowing that all our stories are individual and unique.
4.        We will have a space for questions – this will be verbally if you feel comfortable or they could be written anonymously.
5.        All members will be provided with an opportunity to contribute at the level they feel comfortable.
6.        Strategies and information will be shared to support you in the best way possible.
Suggestions and ideas will be welcomed and actioned where possible.
Open to everyone, not just Vivability Clients.


We are in it together.


The meetings are informal.

Judgement free, safe space to share experiences and support each other.